Video Clips from SEED, Winter 2008 Art & Technology Student Exhibition
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Our Silent Steps, by Brittany Ransom Interactive sculpture, by Daniel Hoffman
They Come in Threes, by Jen Lemasters Resonnance ll, by Ben Newman
Toot Your Own Horn, by Dean Myers and Geoff Schmidt Sound sculpture, by Lily Gottlieb-McHale
Interactive light sculpture, by Ryan Ross
web art project, by Brady Petit
video-activated audio installation, by Jason Gallegos Interactive light sculpture, by Taylor Knapp

Animation reel from selected students in the winter 2008 show

Listed in order of appearance on reel:

David Stanton
Geoff Schmidt
Dean Myers
Zac Humm
Kevin Meyer
Emilee Rutledge
Geoff Schmidt
Zac Nixon
Brittany Ransom
John Sabbath
Jeremy Baker