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Required Courses for BFA major

ART 2500 - Digital Image Manipulation

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Introduction to the creation, manipulation and critical interpretation of graphic and photographic artwork. Includes input and output of digital work as it applies to artists.

ART 4101 - Moving Image Art

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Creation, manipulation and animation of digital imagery, including the integration of multiple media elements, such as video, drawings and audio into artistic projects.

ART 3101 - 3D Modeling Sculpture

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Study of concepts, aesthetics, procedures, and critical practice of sculpting with 3D modeling software for generation of form, environment and character. Includes output of 2D and 3D rapid prototyping printers, laser cutters or CNC milling.

ART 4201 - New Media Robotics

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Approaches to new media, interactivity, digital control of objects, projections, and sound in installation events, performances, and exhibitions

ART 4901 - Studio Practice

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This course provides BFA students in the Department of Art with practical experience in the development of new and significant artwork for the end of semester exhibition, creating good documentation of the artwork, writing a project statement and experimenting with presentation methods

ART 4401 - Computer Animation

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Introduction to theory and practice of 3D modeling, animation, cinematography and audio as it relates to experimental digital stroytelling.

ART 4999 - Senior Project

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Guides graduating Seniors in planning, development, and execution of a project for the BFA thesis show.