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Elective Courses in the Art & Technology Area

ART 3001 - Internet Art

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For this course we will use the Processing IDE to create generative, static, animated and interactive applications for the web and standalone within the context of new media arts. In the process the student will learn the fundamentals of software programming and data visualization.

ART 3201 - Holography I

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The basic technique of three-dimensional image making; construction of a diode laser and use of this device to make holograms. Holography is a technique which allows the recording and playback of three-dimensional images that offer the viewer the advantages of persprective, paralax, form and content.

ART 4301 - Holography II

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Expanding the student's knowledge of holographic techniques, including computer generated holography in traditional and experimental artworks.

ART 5001 - Aspects of Art & Technology: Underground Symbiosis - Graduate and Undergraduate

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The Art and Science of Mycorrhizal Networks. Using artistic and scientific methods students will investigate symbiotic relationships formed between plants, bacteria, fungi and humans, with a particular focus on mycorrhizal networks. Through experimentation and aesthetic research, we will gain an understanding of these relationships, and develop new methods of presenting them through an experiential artwork. Team taught by: Amy Youngs and Dr. Iris Meier.

ART 5101 - Aspects of Art & Technology: ArtGames - Graduate and Undergraduate

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This course investigates the relationship between art and games. Participants will explore historical precedents for artworks that have employed various game formats. Participants are introduced to the histories, contexts, theories, aesthetics and taxonomies of artworks that use the game format.

ART 5501 - Video Art I - Graduate and Undergraduate

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Introduction to the creation and analysis of video artwork; including techniques of video capture, post production, manipulation and critique within the context of art.

ART 5551 - Video Art II - Graduate and Undergraduate

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Intermediate theory and practice of creating video artwork. Emphasis on personal expression and experimental approaches.

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