Graphic Novel - Web Comic Production

Art and Technology - Art 5201

Syllabus Art 5201 Advanced Studio Practice Art & Technology

(Prerequisite: BFA student, Art 2500 and or Art 3101 and permission of instructor) 5 units

Instructor, Ken Rinaldo, Associate Professor of Art, Art & Technology

Office: 152 Hopkins Hall, hours by appointment

Class Meeting Time: Tuesday 5:30 - 8:18pm Place: Hopkins Hall room 156

Location and Lab:

Hopkins Hall Room 156. Class will meet in this lab, unless otherwise specified. Our final class will meet in Hopkins Hall Gallery for the end of the semester exhibition. Make a note of the lab hours so you can use it to further pursue your work (usually the hours are posted on the lab door). Another specialized lab you may use are the Hopking Hall Lab 184,. These labs are specially designed for the needs of art students and they are only open to students in the art department and to those taking art and technology classes.

Course Objectives and Procedures

* To create original art projects designed to be published or posted to the world wide web.
* To gain an understanding of Graphic Novel and web comic sketching and procedures.

Graphic novels and web comic create compelling juxtapositions between original image creation and narrative development. Through readings, lectures, discussions, critiques, writing and mainly artmaking we will explore the context of the graphic novel and web comic. There will be a strong focus on the content and conceptual quality of the works created in this class. This is in independent study course and your goals will be met with a strong focus and consistant work ethic of weekly production.

* To achieve a level of comfort with the tools and techniques needed to create and manipulate your original sketchesin preparation for printing, self publishing and or posting to the web. We will be using Macintosh computers, imaging software and the web authoring tools to realize our goals.

Plan to spend 15 hours of your time per week on this course. About 2 hours of that time will be spent in class, discussing your progress and getting ideas and critiques from peers, the rest of your time will be spent researching/making your project.

This is an independent study course where you will working individually or in a group to research and apply your artistic and technical talents to creating new content and works.

Making good art always takes longer than you think!

* To professionally mount and exhibit digitally-created artworks in the end of the semester Art & Tech Exhibition.

Undergraduate Student work examples

Alex Hebberling Garonos web comic
Nic Jeu web comic
David Stanton manga inspired animation
Kayla Lewis

Graduate student work examples

Fernando Orellana

Key words and Concepts

Non-linear thinking
Process-driven evolution
Collage, montage, hybrids
Face fault
Hentai manga

Glossary of Terms


Class critiques are very important and will be held at the beginning of each class as a weekly review of meeting your specified class goals. You are required to attend critiques even if your work is not complete. Critiques are not for my benefit; instead, they are most likely your best method to learn about artmaking - from your fellow artmakers.

This goal of this course is to provide a forum for advanced undergraduate BFA Art and Tech students to pursue an independent or group-generated artistic project related to a topic in Art and Technology.

Student is evaluated based on fulfilling the goals of their project proposal and production (70%) and verbal, critical and informed participation in class (30%).

Within the wide realm of "Art and Technology", the themes and materials you chose to work with in this class are open. Use this as an opportunity to make the work that you are truly excited about. Make the work you may show in your senior exhibition, apply to exhibitions with, apply to graduate school with or show off your amazing creative skills to future employers.

Plan to spend 15 hours of your time per week on this course. About 2 hours of that time will be spent in class, discussing your progress and getting ideas and critiques from peers, the rest of your time will be spent researching/making your project.

This is an independent study course where you will working individually or in a group research and apply your artistic and technical talents to creating new content and works.

Policy on student conduct

Students are expected to abide by the Ohio State University's Code of Student Conduct. (online: Any violations will be reported to the Committee on Academic Misconduct.
A few examples of violations you should avoid

* Turning in work as your own that was created in some part by someone else.
* Turning in work that violates copyright law.
* Turning in work for this class that has already been turned in for another class.
* Dishonesty concerning absences.

Disability policy

Any student who feels he/she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately, as soon as possible, to discuss specific needs. Students need to also be working with the Office for Disability Services (on campus at 150 Pomerene Hall, ph. 614-292-3307) so that we may coordinate reasonable accommodations.

Required Reading:

Schedule overview


  • Introduction to course and each other. Overview of the individual study nature of this course. The course will be a convergence of sharing your production and research in four main areas though you are free to find threads and connnection between areas as well as define your own artistic production goals for the semester.

    Graphic Novel - Web Comic
    Game - Hack
    Animation, Modeling, Character Design, Claymation
    Electronics, Robotics, Animatronics, Sound












  • Student presentations (Your project should be nearly complete review with professor)

    Readings, graphic novels, web comic, videos and artist sites to read and review before class:
    Artist Akira Wakui


  • Student presentations

  • Art and Tech Exhibition set up day - The theme is TBA. If you'd like to participate in this exhibition, all artwork must be dropped off between 12:30 and 2:30pm in the Hopkins Hall Gallery. The arrangement of each piece in the show will be determined by the instructors and installation crew at 2:30, so your work will not have a space in the show if it arrives late. If hanging your work involves more than a typical screw in the wall, you must return to hang your own work, between 3:00 pm and 6pm. Your work must be professionally presented. You will be responsible for bringing what you will need for the installation of your work; tools, hardware, projectors, pedestals, DVD player etc. Reserve equipment from Classroom Services far in advance to ensure availability. You must also remove the work from the show on Friday, between 4 and 5pm.
  • Thursday - exhibition Opening Celebration from 5 - 9pm . Invite your friends/family!

This schedule is subject to change - I'll keep you posted


Graphic Novels and Web Comic

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier By K J Anderson adapted from a comic book by Alan Moore
All Star Superman Written by Grant Morrison, illustrated by Frank Quitely
Marvel Zombies 2 Written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Sean Phillips and Arthur Suydam
Jack of the Fables, Vol. 1: The (Nearly) Great Escape Written by Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges and Tony Aikins, illustrated by Andrew Pepoy
Erfworld Written by Rob Balder, illustrated by Jamie Noguchi
The Principles of Uncertainty Written by Maira Kalman
Exit Wounds Written by Rutu Modan
Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm Written by Percy Carey and Ronald Wimberly
The Complete Peanuts, 1963-1964 Written by Charles M. Schulz
Ultimate Illustration
The Upset
Graphic Novels: Stories to Change Your Life (Paperback) by Paul Gravett
Skyscrapers of the Midwest by Joshua W. Cotter (Adhouse Books)
Local by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly (Oni Press)
Good-Bye by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (Drawn and Quarterly)
Alanıs War: The Memories of G.I. Alan Cope by Emmanuel Guibert (First Second)
Heavy Liquid by Paul Pope (Vertigo)
What It Is by Lynda Barry (Drawn & Quarterly)
Slow Storm by Danica Novgorodoff (First Second)
Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra (Vertigo)
Too Cool to Be Forgotten by Alex Robinson (Top Shelf)
The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel (Vertigo)
Alanıs War by Emmanuel Guibert (First Second)
American Widow by Alissa Torres and Sungyoon Choi (Villard)
Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics)
The Country Nurse by Jeff Lemire (Top Shelf)
Zot! The Complete Black and White Collection: 1987­1991 by Scott McCloud (Harper)
Slow Storm by Danica Novgorodoff (First Second)

Information Arts by Stephen Wilson
From Technological to Virtual Art by Frank Popper

Character Design

Dot Dot Dash Designer Toys, Action Figures and Character Art by Robert Klanten
Full Vinyl: The Subversive Art of Designer Toys by Ivan Vartanian
Clutter Magazine
Super 7

R Crumb
Crumb Image Search
American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar
Image Search American Splendor
Daniel Clowes Ghost World
Chris Ware
Charles Burns
Charles Burns Image Search
Scott Mcleod

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http://DC Comics
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Exhibitions and Conferences


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